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Community Engagement at Middlebury

We share below the many forms that our community engagement partnerships take and the range of programs that support these partnerships, highlighting how MLAA fits into this “Spectrum of Engagement.” Interested in hosting an intern or looking for volunteers? Collaborating with a group of students in a course? Developing a business partnership? Please see the links below for where best to direct the engagement opportunity you want to share.

About MLAA

As a signatory of Campus Compact’s 30th Anniversary Action Statement, Middlebury College is committed to empowering our students, faculty, staff, and community partners to cocreate mutually respectful partnerships in pursuit of a just, equitable, and sustainable future for communities beyond the campus—nearby and around the world. Midd Liberal Arts in Action seeks to foster academic connections with Vermont partners to deepen experiential learning through collaboration and perspective-developing relationships. The goals of Midd Liberal Arts in Action include the following:

  1. Working with partner organizations to collaboratively address a short- or long-term need or goal, while encouraging deep student learning
  2. Building relationships with partners where power and resources are shared
  3. Relying on community partners’ knowledge and understanding of local issues to determine the best methods for addressing community needs
  4. Creating projects that reciprocally benefit community partners and Middlebury students and faculty

We hope this platform will accomplish the following:

  • Allow collaborators to clearly state their goals and interests up front, laying the foundation for discussing and building partnerships
  • Provide community entities a clear and organized catalog of course- and research-based engagement opportunities, inviting collaboration, and doing so through a coordinated forum as opposed to multiple disparate requests
  • Serve both community partners and faculty by creating a streamlined process