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Opportunities for Middlebury Faculty and Students

Below you’ll find a list of project ideas submitted by community partners seeking collaborative partnerships with Middlebury faculty and students. You can select a category tab or tag to narrow your search, and then click into the individual projects themselves. On the individual project pages, you can explore each project’s priority topic or theme, anticipated learning outcomes for students, and anticipated expectations for the collaboration.

If you are interested in partnering with one or more of these projects, please complete the Faculty/Student Connect Form linked below (this link is also accessible from all of the individual project pages).

Faculty/Student Connect Form

Addison County Business Database

Compile database of all businesses and nonprofits in Addison County including all contact information, business type, media used, employees, locations. Community Partner Contact: Rob Carter Role: Executive Director Organization or Program Name: Addison County Chamber of Commerce Contact Info: Read more


Firefly Science and Arts Outreach

As part of the Broader Impacts of a National Science Foundation grant on firefly communication, we've got support to host a local outreach event that combines art and science around the topic of fireflies. We are collaborating with Ibiyinka (Ibi) Read more


January 2022 Data Visualization for Social Justice

How can we communicate data to tell compelling stories? This course works with a community partner to understand their data and research. We then draw on visual story telling to present the research to wider public audiences. The forms of Read more


January 2022: Mexican Revolution/Revelation (Theater 1238a)

Using theatrical workshop techniques, students in this interdisciplinary course will explore the socio-political-economic history, literature, music, dance, graphic art and architecture that reflect the period of time commonly known as the Mexican revolution. The course will consist of both academic Read more


Outdoor Recreation Database

Compile a database of all outdoor recreation opportunities in Addison County including details of opportunity, location, period of operation, any available information or resources about opportunity, brief description, and create a map of the locations of all opportunities. Community Partner Read more


Spring 2022 Geoscience for the Common Good (GEOL 0370)

This course is intended to provide students a hands-on demonstration of the fundamental relevance of the geosciences.  My hope is that through collaboration with one or more community partners, students will apply field and lab-based analyses to generate and interpret Read more


Towns of Addison County

Compile information on every town in Addison County, including type of government, officials and contact information, history, photography, key sites, main forms of industry, local events, historical buildings, town maps, etc... Community Partner Contact: Rob Carter Role: Executive Director Organization Read more

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