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Faculty Intake Form

Thank you for your interest in posting an opportunity related to your course(s) or research where you are seeking to collaborate with a community partner! Please answer the questions below relevant to your community-connected course or research opportunity.

The “Midd Liberal Arts in Action” (MLAA) platform aims to facilitate community partnerships by inviting you to share your course or research-based goals and interests with community organizations and agencies. As potential partners peruse opportunities, they can connect with the ones that best align with their goals and interests as a starting point for exploring and building collaborative partnerships.

Motivating goals for this platform include (1) providing community entities a clear and organized catalog of course- and research-based engagement opportunities, and (2) inviting collaboration through a coordinated forum as opposed to multiple disparate requests.

As community-connected work expands at Middlebury, this platform will serve both community partners and faculty by creating a streamlined process.