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Opportunities for Community Partners

Below you’ll find a list of courses and faculty research programs seeking collaborative partnerships with community organizations. You can select a category or keyword to narrow your search, and then click into the individual projects themselves. On the individual project pages, you can explore each project’s priority themes and topics, learning goals, and areas of research focus.

If you are interested in partnering with one or more of these projects, or don’t quite see a fit here but have interest in finding a Middlebury partner for a project of your own, please complete the Community Connect Form linked below (this link is also accessible from all of the individual project pages).


Spring 2022 Statistics Capstone Consulting Experience

In this course, students will practice interfacing with local clients to better understanding their data-related needs. This may involve helping clients collect, analyze, visualize, or model data in a meaningful way. Students will then present their findings to a larger Read more


Towns of Addison County

Compile information on every town in Addison County, including type of government, officials and contact information, history, photography, key sites, main forms of industry, local events, historical buildings, town maps, etc... Community Partner Contact: Rob Carter Role: Executive Director Organization Read more