Grant Planning and Management Blueprint

The Ilsley Public Library is pursuing a major renovation/expansion. The Ilsley 100 Project Team has been tasked with developing new design plans, engaging the public in the process, and pursuing funding to bring the project to fruition. It is our hope that a portion of this funding will come from grants. As the library director, I need come up with a plan and timeline for applying for grants, and hopefully get a good idea of how much we might be able to raise through grant applications. This project would entail searching for and identifying grants relevant to the library/renovation project; sifting through that list of grants and determining which ones are worth applying to by weighing how strong a candidate the library would be and the amount of time likely needed to submit the grant; and finally creating a schedule for applications (when is the application due? what components are required for submission? when must the funds be expended by?). The course project would essentially be putting together a grant application roadmap for the library for the next few years.

Community Partner Contact: Dana Hart
Role: Director
Organization or Program Name: Ilsley Public Library
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Desired Timeline: {Timeline:36}
Desired Partnership Length: I am flexible on the length of the partnership
Desired Location: Virtual participation is ok, and I have no preference as to in-person or virtual

The big theme of this project is grants research and administration. But the project will require students to learn about the library and the renovation/expansion project.

I know from my own experience with grants that this project would require creativity, problem solving, research, and significant organizational capacity. Sometimes deciding to pursue a grant or not means making decisions with limited information.

I think this is a project that could be scaled up or down. Timing is also flexible; I’m trying to set myself to start applying for grants in spring of 2023 or fall of 2023, which means getting my ducks in a row fall/winter of 2022.

In my wildest dreams, we would work together to create a detailed document that lists grants that the library has a realistic chance of attaining; a timeline for grant applications; and a list of what components each grant requires (letters of recommendation, budget, etc.). Not only would this make my life so much easier, but it could also be a document I use to communicate to the town of Middlebury that the Project Team is being diligent and proactive about securing as much funding for the project as possible through grants.

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Published On: May 13, 2022

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