Illustrating a Facilities Project Decision Making Matrix

The Ilsley Public Library is pursuing a major facilities improvement project. The Ilsley 100 Project Team, the committee working on this project, is going to spend the summer working on a decision making matrix which will determine if we a) renovate the existing structure b) renovate and expand the existing structure c) renovate the existing structure and utilize annex buildings or d) move to an alternative site and build new. The outcome of the Project Team’s work, which will consider various, weighted criteria such the associated cost of each option, the amount of square footage each option would offer, etc., will not be a very visually engaging . The Project Team will want to illustrate the findings in some way, so that people can more easily engage with it. I don’t know exactly what form this might take (diagrams? architectural renderings?) but it is certainly something we could use help with.

Community Partner Contact: Dana Hart
Role: Director
Organization or Program Name: Ilsley Public Library
Contact Info:

Desired Timeline: {Timeline:36}
Desired Partnership Length: I am interested in a one-semester or one-course engagement opportunity (maximum of 12 weeks)
Desired Location: Virtual participation is okay and I prefer it

This is work I’ve never done before, but I imagine the primary topics are some combination of data visualization and architectural thinking. I guess at its core it is about communicating data in a way that will excite/make sense to people.

Experience with either

The timing is still a little up in the air. I am hoping to have the matrix complete by the end of the summer; we would then spend September, October, and November sharing the information with the community. So ideally, it would be great to have something in hand by the end of October. This might be an optimistic schedule; if the Project Team moves slower, the project wouldn’t need to be complete until November. As we move forward through the summer, we’ll have a better idea.

A willingness to work with the Project Team; creative thinking; some kind of illustrated deliverable.

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Published On: May 13, 2022

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