Outdoor Recreation Database

Compile a database of all outdoor recreation opportunities in Addison County including details of opportunity, location, period of operation, any available information or resources about opportunity, brief description, and create a map of the locations of all opportunities.

Community Partner Contact: Rob Carter
Role: Executive Director
Organization or Program Name: Addison County Chamber of Commerce
Contact Info: rob@addisoncounty.com
Desired Timeline: Flexible timeline (I’d be interested in collaborating around this topic at any time)
Desired Partnership Length: I am flexible on the length of the partnership
Desired Location: Virtual participation is okay and I prefer it

Knowledge of research sources available, best means of collection, mapping skills


Knowledge of field of recreation

Ability to build a database

Ability of create a map with functionality

Knowledge of local recreational opportunities

Mapping and mapping tools knowledge

Two to three months

Over 300 recreational opportunities


Oversight of project

Sources of information

Mapping tools

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