Towns of Addison County

Compile information on every town in Addison County, including type of government, officials and contact information, history, photography, key sites, main forms of industry, local events, historical buildings, town maps, etc…

Community Partner Contact: Rob Carter
Role: Executive Director
Organization or Program Name: Addison County Chamber of Commerce
Contact Info:
Desired Timeline: Flexible timeline (I’d be interested in collaborating around this topic at any time)
Desired Partnership Length: I am flexible on the length of the partnership
Desired Location: Virtual participation is okay and I prefer it

History and function of towns

Assistance with multiple forms of research

Best method for organization of materials

Website integration




Learn history of area


Research experience


Three to four months

23 towns

Information suitable for displaying on ACCOC website


Creative way of collecting and displaying information

Mapping and/or web display

Faculty/Student Connect Form

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