Revitalization of the Moscow Village

We are a municipal electric utility working to develop a renewable microgrid in the center of the Moscow Village. We are restoring the historic Seaver Sawmill to house hydropower, so the project incorporates a lot of dynamic issues. We currently are working with engineering, architecture and ecology students at UVM for senior capstone projects. We have found these student connections to be endlessly helpful – in both developing the way we view the project and helping to engage our neighbors. We are hoping there could be a partnership with your group that is an extension of this work. We are also planning on hosting a passive building design contest for a second historical building and would love your participation.

Community Partner Contact: Wendy Crosier
Role: US DOE Clean Energy Innovation Fellow
Organization or Program Name: Stowe Electric Department – Moscow Village Revitalization
Contact Info:
Desired Timeline: {Timeline:36}
Desired Partnership Length: I am interested in a one-semester or one-course engagement opportunity (maximum of 12 weeks), I am interested in a long-term, sustained collaboration, I am flexible on the length of the partnership
Desired Location: any option is fine

-historic village, properties

-seeking downtown/village center designation

-renewable energy – education/democracy

-ecology and riverbank/floodplain restoration and planning

-historical society – interviewing of residents with historical ties to Moscow Village

-media, outreach and capturing of the project

-Art – we are working with a local artist to develop images that reflect the history of the mill

-community organization – helping us to build a community group around Moscow Village

-ADA design and reaching new employees

-working with Equitable Cities LLC to gather data and reflect the voices in the community

-pocket park design

-working with the Sanfo Store on weatherization

-people interested in permitting and requirements for renewable adoption

-working with UVM students

-We are also hosting an event in August with VT -VPIRG, could be fun for students to participate or highlight work in the Community Engagement Center

We have so many different types of expertise that could be useful, but project organization and ideas are always welcome.

We could use help from almost every discipline – we would love to see interschool collaboration for the ecology, engineering and architecture students at UVM. Media, art, community engagement, recreational planning, history and the sciences would all have plenty to choose from.

{Key Learning Goals for Students:18}

There is a lot of flexibility in all of these metrics.

{Anticipated Expectations for Community Partner:21}

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