Public Humanities

Middlebury Skatepark Project


The Middlebury Skatepark Project is an effort led by a thoughtful and committed group of Middlebury and surrounding ACSD town citizens to plan, design, and build a free high-quality public skatepark for the entire community. We recognize and value the physical Read more

Grant Planning and Management Blueprint


The Ilsley Public Library is pursuing a major renovation/expansion. The Ilsley 100 Project Team has been tasked with developing new design plans, engaging the public in the process, and pursuing funding to bring the project to fruition. It is our hope Read more

Spring 2022 Statistics Capstone Consulting Experience


In this course, students will practice interfacing with local clients to better understanding their data-related needs. This may involve helping clients collect, analyze, visualize, or model data in a meaningful way. Students will then present their findings to a larger audience Read more

Fall 2022 Community Connected Learning (INTD 0121)


In this course students will develop and implement community connected projects in collaboration with community partners to contribute to the public good. Center for Community Engagement (CCE) instructors will meet with students weekly in cohorts to develop social-issue knowledge, build collaboration skills, Read more

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